Patricia de Boodt

Patricia De Boodt ’s career as a Managing Consultant since 1993, demonstrates a wealth of experience in managing teams in global assignments: hands-on, results-driven and innovative, with significant experience in different kinds of organisations and multicultural settings. Capacity strengthening & empowerment through continuous learning, constructive and appreciative Human Resources management; are essentials in her approach.

Patricia has experience with long-term and short-term assignments in Western Europe and in development aid countries, mainly Africa. With the understanding of aid coordination and procedures, she assists nations and organisations to strengthen the development of the institutions and the processes that are responsive to the needs of their strategy. The capability of fostering partnerships and promoting participation empowers the stakeholders being accountable and effective at all levels.

The ability to design successful change action plans makes of her a strategic partner in promoting operational methods of goal setting, including training and transfer of know-how. Organisational development, the overarching discipline for change management strategies, creates consciously the right organisation culture, establishing the climate in which people have the competency, the concern and the commitment to contribute to their strategic success.

Deeply knowledgeable about the design of work systems, Patricia is used to bring all departments together to agree on the key way forward to review the organisation, to draft the process and to implement the best practices.

The combination of effective leadership and sound legal knowledge creates an added value based on Good Governance and growth, improving the quality of the services.

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