About CBC

Shaping Organisations

We are essentially an organisational development consultancy called in by our clients to help them shape their organisation, or the teams within them, to deliver results in a supportive and psychologically safe environment.

We are process consultants believing that it is critical to work “with” our clients not “on” them. We believe passionately in passing on our skills and knowledge to allow learning to be sustained and used in all client environments.

Our Approach

The four “D’s

Our approach is always tailored to the many unique needs and situations that we are presented with to ensure we agree how to meet the requirements of our clients.
Listening and clarifying is critical, as too is being totally transparent in what we can and will deliver.

Diagnose * Design * Deliver * Deploy


Diagnosing requirements correctly can be achieved in a variety of ways using one-on-one meetings, focus groups or designed surveys on some of the approaches that we will use.

We also believe it is important to discover if there is existing data available that can help us to quickly come to an understanding of what is needed. There is no single approach.


Here we design a specific approach which could be a training initiative, a team building exercise, coaching or leadership development or indeed a mixture of several services.

We ensure that we agree our approach with our clients and create a plan with them to deliver according to those requirements.


Our team of highly skilled consultants and facilitators ensure they are fully comfortable with the requirements of the clients and our designed approached. In line with our belief in process consulting we pass on our skills and the reasons for our design to our clients during delivery.

We are skilled trainers as well as consultants and always produce training programmes that are memorable, fun and deliver knowledge and skill building in a way that is sustained within the client organisation. Our consulting approach is honest and inclusive and always transparent.


In some client environments we support clients over fairly long periods offering coaching, advice and follow-on surveys and retreats to ensure that the change identified is sustained over a long period of time.

In deployment we also support our clients in creating agility and in learning how to overcome issues, with an understanding of the organisation and it’s people.

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