Irene Alaya Adogboba

Irene is a global public health specialist with over a decade of diverse experience in multiple complex health programme management and technical support in Africa. She has experience of development projects in Africa, with the private, non-governmental, public health sector and in managing large multicultural teams in complex environments. A substantial record of using evidence to support programme implementation and advocacy. She has in-depth knowledge of ODA architecture institutional donors and their policy, programme and compliance priorities. She has effective facilitation skills and has extensive experience in the art and skills of negotiations and mediation.

Known for building a strong participative approach in teams building for efficient and effective delivery of sustainable results.

She is an Edward Mason Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School and has built strong international networks in Africa and other emerging markets. She holds an MPA from Harvard’s Kennedy School and an MPH from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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