Key Services

CBC is a mature consultancy practice with a proud history of success. We offer the following services for our clients:

Organisation Development

We are contracted by our clients to deliver a large variety of OD initiatives. This ranges from establishing Vision, Mission and Values for some whilst on others it may involve culture change, performance management improvement or communication.

We are asked by many clients to both conduct our surveys or to take a deep dive into the results of existing surveys using focus groups. Here we deliver to our clients a clear view of what needs to change in their organisation and support them in developing plans for change. 


CBC is renowned for excellence in facilitation. We facilitate retreats, strategy development and annual work plan setting. We are able to deliver large staff retreats as well as executive leadership retreats. We apply the approach of Diagnose, Design, Deliver and Deploy to ensure that the retreat and its outcomes are both successful and sustainable.


We offer a coaching service both online and face to face. Most of the CBC team have trained and qualified in coaching and we are involved globally in coaching initiatives across a wide client base. Again, our success is based on our ability to diagnose the need for coaching and deliver a coaching plan in agreement with those we coach. We coach individuals, working pairs and teams.

Team Building

We believe team building should be both challenging and fun and should address the issues presented by the team and it’s leader. We therefore design team building experiences having first diagnosed the needs of the team and any issues that it is facing. Our approach has proved to be highly successful with our clients as they deal with real issues and discuss both what they do and how they relate to each other at the same time, the “what” and “how” of teamwork.

In our team builds we ensure that we put “behaviour on the agenda” and also create a psychologically safe environment which teaches people the skills to learn and address issues in a way that can be sustained by the team long after the event. Our team builds have an enviable reputation for success. 

Conflict Resolution / Mediation

There are times when we are called in by clients to resolve specific conflicts. These may be between work colleagues or indeed with departmental conflict. CBC consultants have experience in both conflict resolution and mediation with a clear understanding and practice of using conflict models that have been proven to work.

Leadership and Management Development

Creating positive leadership in any organisation is essential as too is giving leaders the opportunity to be successful in what can sometimes be very difficult roles. We believe in the power of servant leadership and as such we promote a values-based approach to leadership development.

We also believe the leaders need the skills to be able to diagnose performance successfully and to address issues and build high performing teams. We have run the leadership development talk initiatives across several large organisations, and many have followed up with executive coaching, which helps to build sustainability.

We particularly enjoy working with functional leadership teams and supporting them over a period of time to ensure that they create a dialogue of leadership that builds a strong, supportive and performance-based culture in the organisations that they are leading.

CBC Consultants are trained in the use of Situational Leadership and Action Centred leadership. We use these two models to help people understand how to manage people and performance better.

Competency Development

CBC is regularly engaged by clients to develop both technical and behavioural competencies and to support our clients in the deployment of these competencies. We have developed a robust approach to competency development which has proved successful from the Director level of our client organisations through to specific technical roles.

Partnership Agreements

CBC has developed an approach to the development of effective partnership agreements which can be deployed across departments in our client organisation as well as across organisations who are working together on specific assignments.

People Skills Training

CBC is able to deliver a variety of training programmes to enhance people’s skills and improve performance. Examples include communications, presentation and media skills.

Understanding Neurodiversity

Increasingly our clients are requesting guidance in understanding how to support staff members who have specific neurodiversities which need to be recognised within the work environment. We are able to offer programmes to support managers in increasing their awareness and planning actions to assist their staff members better.

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