Team Diagnostics

Team Diagnostics

One of the key strengths of CBC is our ability to diagnose the current state of teams and assist them in developing into high performing teams.

The CBC Team Insight Profile explores the current team performance in terms of its interpersonal skills, performance focus and achievement level.

This diagnostic truly helps to explore the current health of the team and allows the teams to straight away understand the areas it needs to work on.

We also use Extended Disc to explore the teams mix of personal systems and to understand the flexibility range the team have within it.

Organisations and especially internal Consultants, Trainers or Facilitators can use our diagnostic approach and then, should they so wish can embark on a development programme designed by themselves. We are also happy to offer this service to other consultancy practices under our licence.

Team Building

CBC develops team building programmes specifically tailored around the needs of the teams and their leaders. Some recent activities have included team building amongst 200 plus sales forces whilst others have been small one day events for professional staff. Again our real guiding principle is to be as flexible as possible and to do what we can to meet client requirements exactly. We operate team building events in the indoors and in the outdoors and as a mixture.

Events are planned to meet the demands of the workgroup and have been as short as one hour and as long as one week.

We have our own pod of outdoor kit, including waterproofs, boots and safety equipment which is maintained to our own high standards. Our outdoor work carries specialist insurance and we are all trained and certified first aiders. Our programmes are thus highly experienced in nature and designed using our knowledge of action methods and transactional analysis.

CBC team building events are known for being challenging, fun and learning experiences.

The key ingredient for any team build for us is to develop experience which gives cause to both reflect and learn.

Team Skills

Some teams or their Consultants we find are capable of defining for themselves the skills they need to develop and as such ask us to assist them in the development of specific skills – we are capable of separating these skills and developing them in learning modules such as:

  • Listing skills
  • Giving, receiving and using feedback
  • Settling and measuring team building
  • Team based appraisal
  • Developing high performance team cultures
  • Celebrating success

High Performance

High performance team building involves a team in not only understanding its development needs but also in the creation of challenging performance goals. This normally involves the team looking beyond team building into business process.

Teams have to create new ways of working and sometimes need to apply the learning of Business Process Reengineering in their work.

CBC believes that ‘high performance’ comes from hard work over a sustained period. It is not something that can be achieved on a brief team building programme.