Psychometric Tests

Process Consultants

CBC Consultants have all trained as Process Consultants and Facilitators.

It is our aim to work closely with our clients to clearly define requirements and to deliver “value adding” services and solutions. We believe that there should be no secrets in our work and as such work in a way that maximises client training.

Experienced Trainers

CBC Consultants all have excellent training skills – we believe in making learning fun at the same time as worthwhile.

Our training programmes encourage a high level of participation and involvement. We pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible in our training programmes so as to maximise learning.

We have trained in training design, training delivery, action methods and experimental learning.

Academics Links

CBC and its associates have links into the following academic institutions:

  • The Centre for Learning Studies, California, USA
  • The University of Limerick, Ireland
  • The Middlesex University, London, England
  • Warwick University, England


Ciarán Beary is the author of many published articles and papers on the subject of Organisational Development and Leadership.

He is also co-author of ‘Facilitation’ a book published by Gower in 1996. You can buy it here.

Psychometric Tests

CBC is able to use/conduct the following instruments:

  • Extended Disc
  • Meyers Brigg Type Initiatives
  • Firo B
  • 16PF
  • Belbin Team Roles