Skilled Facilitators

Facilitation Service

The CBC facilitation service is renowned for making things work and delivering results.

We facilitate initiatives such as retreats both large and small and strategy events and mid term and annual reviews.

Conflict Resolution

CBC consultants are skilled in conflict resolution, mediation and negotiating. We are often called by clients to assist in;

  • Inter company / organisational disputes
  • Department/Team disputes
  • Interpersonal disputes

Please feel free to contact us to talk about how we can assist

Flexible Approach

Our approach is clearly to plan every intervention on a case by case basis and to offer maximum flexibility to our clients. Some clients, for instance may wish to use facilitation to improve ‘behaviour’ during meetings, others may wish the facilitator to push for conclusions and help groups to close on issues whilst others may ask that the facilitator plays a devils advocate role.

CBC facilitators are both skilled and flexible. They do not follow set routines but work with clients to achieve success.

Short or Long Term

Again our flexibility can be measured on the type of contracts we get. In one case, for example, we are facilitating a team which comes together every two months for 3 years whilst in another we may be deployed simply to facilitate one half day event.

We often are called upon to help plan, design and facilitate ‘off site’ meetings and we normally can meet client requirements even when the urgency is to deliver at short notice.