Change Management

Need for Change

CBC has considerable experience of helping our clients through change – we operate as both Consultants and Facilitators to Change in organisations.

We can help clients establish a ‘case for change’. This can come from a variety of areas but our first question must be to ask the question Why Change?

Research has shown that where clients are not clear about the reason (the case!) for change they are often dealing with the wrong variables. We believe that clients need to be able to argue the case for change and as such they need to be clear about it from the outset. We operate here to help our clients develop and clarify the case for change and prepare them to be able to effectively communicate it throughout the organisation.

Delivery Enablers

A modern organisation needs to develop high levels of what we call “Strategic Agility;” that is the capability to be able to change, refocus, adapt and adopt with a speed that is almost frightening.

CBC brings together the skill to assist organisations to change not only their culture and values but also to deliver real change in the way the organisation does business. As such we offer ‘enablers’ to change business processes as well as people processes.

In business process terms we offer such initiatives as:-

  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Total Quality
  • Service Quality
  • Process Mapping

and in people processes:-

  • Management Development
  • Team Working
  • Culture Care
  • Personal Development

We also believe that we should tell our clients what we cannot offer and we often work with other Consultants able to offer advice and guidance not in our portfolio.

Supporting Change

‘Change’ needs careful facilitation and as such CBC is ideally suited to offer support in this area.

Our Consultants get under the skin of their client organisation and are truly able to support and guide individuals and teams through the process of change.

This support can include;

  • individual planned mentoring
  • top level Executive team support
  • e:mail advice
  • phone call support

Basically we are prepared to offer whatever it takes to help our clients through change.

Evaluating Change

Again research has shown that organisations have been weak in evaluating the change effort. At CBC we push evaluation right from the start. If the first question is Why Change, the second is What will you change towards and how will you know when you get there?…

We assist our clients to evaluate the change effort so that they can clearly measure success. We establish clear parameters for measurement be they customer based, profit based or people based or a variety. “What you measure is what you get!”