Consultant Profiles

Ciarán Beary

Ciarán 1

Ciarán is a world authority in Facilitation, publishing a book “Facilitation” (Gower) in 1997; International Associate of The Centre for Leadership Studies, Escondido, California; licensed to use and teach others the use of all the Situational Family of Influence; leading authority in the use of (and licensed user of) the Deep-Insight Assessment Tool and The Extended DISC Assessment System; formally trained in counselling and the teaching of counselling skills and trained to practitioner level in Neuro- Linguistic Programming.

Ciarán has designed and taught on Leadership Development programs for a diverse range of global clients. He also is a visiting lecturer at the Universities of Middlesex, London. University College Limerick, Ireland and the European Business School. His recent clients have included, Starbucks, Avanade, Gulf Stream, Shannon Aerospace and Southwark Council

Simon Lewis        

Simon Lewis                                        

Simon has over 25 years’ experience in the design and delivery of development and training programs in both the international public and private sectors. He has extensive international experience working with middle and senior managers, supervisors and teams, specializing in the development of people management skills including: senior management coaching and mentoring, effective facilitation skills, recruitment and selection interviewing skills, competency based interviewing, assessment centre observation and assessment, appraisal interview skills development, graduate induction, equal opportunities advisor training, performance management, leadership (Accredited Facilitator with the Institute of Leadership and Management), train the trainer, team development, customer service, communication, self-directed work teams, and Situational Leadership. During his career he has worked across a variety of business sectors from manufacturing to retail, including many major multi-national corporations and businesses as well as a number of Universities and Business Schools. Since 1989, Simon has been an independent Management Development Facilitator, Trainer and Consultant.

Patricia de Boodt

PDB 2010

Patricia De Boodt ’s career as a Managing Consultant since 1993, demonstrates a wealth of experience in managing teams in global assignments: hands-on, results-driven and innovative, with significant experience in different kinds of organisations and multicultural settings. Capacity strengthening & empowerment through continuous learning, constructive and appreciative Human Resources management; are essentials in her approach.

Patricia has experience with long-term and short-term assignments in Western Europe and in development aid countries, mainly Africa. With the understanding of aid coordination and procedures, she assists nations and organisations to strengthen the development of the institutions and the processes that are responsive to the needs of their strategy. The capability of fostering partnerships and promoting participation empowers the stakeholders being accountable and effective at all levels.

The ability to design successful change action plans makes of her a strategic partner in promoting operational methods of goal setting, including training and transfer of know-how. Organisational development, the overarching discipline for change management strategies, creates consciously the right organisation culture, establishing the climate in which people have the competency, the concern and the commitment to contribute to their strategic success.

Deeply knowledgeable about the design of work systems, Patricia is used to bring all departments together to agree on the key way forward to review the organisation, to draft the process and to implement the best practices.

The combination of effective leadership and sound legal knowledge creates an added value based on Good Governance and growth, improving the quality of the services.

Ru Bhugra    

Ru Bhugra                                             

Ru Bhugra is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with over seventeen years of experience of working with teams and individuals. Her areas of special expertise include change management, personal development and management assessment.

Ru is an associate of Henley Management College where she has taught modules on people management and development. She is also an associate of The Centre for Management Development at London Business School, where she works as a group tutor.

Joanne Marshall

Jo Marshall

Jo is a qualified Human Resources professional (FCIPD) with 25 years’ experience within major commercial organisations in the UK and abroad. She specialises in the design and delivery of change and people skills development, including Leadership, Team Development and Performance Management.

Jo is accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management to deliver leadership programmes leading to internationally recognised qualifications, and is accredited by the Centre for Leadership Studies UK to deliver Situational Leadership. She has spent the past 6 years designing and delivering management development programmes worldwide for the United Nations.

Giorgio Carnesecchi

Giorgio Carnesecchi

Giorgio Carnesecchi is an international trainer, coach (life and business) and consultant since 1996, with outstanding verbal presentation skills.A very versatile trainer, he delivers different programs that range from sales to negotiation, from team building to public speaking, from leadership to management of change and many others. Giorgio has more than 20000 hours of training and coaching experience with more than 8000 people, ranging from C-level to operative people.

A selection of past and present clients include: Canon, Honeywell, Deutsche Bank, HP, Cisco, Johnson and Johnson, Exxon Mobil, Media Market, Hyundai, PSA Group, GE, UPS.

Convinced supporter of the “two cultures”, Giorgio has studied the humanistic aspects of science (philosophy of science, history of science, scientific vulgarization), in parallel with pure scientific research.  Working as a researcher at CERN-Geneva (European Center for Nuclear Research), Giorgio has published more than 30 scientific papers.

For more than 30 years he has been developing educational programs, teaching and consulting for public and private companies in Europe, USA, Africa, Asia and Italy, getting broad international experience.

Giorgio is certified GRID instructor (Blake & Mouton leadership model) and certified Raytheon Trainer.

He has got a Master Advanced Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming at the Italian branch of the International Association of NLP, Inc (Bandler and Grinder).

He is certified member of APCO (Associazione Professionale Italiana dei Consulenti di Direzione e Organizzazione), the Italian Branch of ICMC (International Certified Management Consultants).

He is a certified member of AIF (Associazione Italiana Formatori), Italian Association of Trainers.He is member of ICF (International Coach federation).

Raquel Pobes 


Raquel Pobes

In 2002, Raquel joined the “Coaching and Facilitation” business world: she acts as a full time facilitator, coach and trainer, working in the field of soft-skills: sales and negotiation, leadership,  inter-personal communication,  team-building, change, and presentation skills.

Trainer of Situational Leadership and Structogram. Raquel follows these theoretical frameworks: Neuro Linguistic Programming (Bandler and Grinder), Pragmatic of Communication (Watzlawich). Experience of living in a multicultural, multilingual diverse environment, that leads to creativity, flexibility and capacity of adapting to different situations.

Annette Thum

Annette Thum

Annette’s expertise is in leadership development, team building, and executive coaching. She works with executives of Fortune 500 organizations across different industries and regions.Annette has designed and implemented innovative leadership development projects, created team events, lead change-processes and coached executives worldwide.

Annette enjoys working within the corporate environment and strongly believes in cross-sector collaboration. Therefore, she also serves NGOs and governmental organizations trying to bring different parties together. In addition to her master’s degree in International Politics, Economics, and American Studies, Annette holds a Harvard University certification in conflict settlement as well as various psychological certifications (e.g., in Gestalt, NLP, Coaching and Systems Thinking)

Björn T. Atterstam

Bjorn T Atterstam

Björn is an international organizational development consultant and leadership developer who is recognized as a pioneer in leadership development, people innovation and new organizational practices for a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Ambiguous, Complex) world.

As an expert in Positive Psychology and human development in a complex world, his work has included developing and delivering cutting edge development and change interventions based on contemporary research in psychology as well as ancient wisdom.

Björn is a frequent and appreciated speaker at conferences across the world including TEDx Montreal in December 2013.He holds a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from Wharton/University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Malcolm Jenkins

Malcolm Jenkins Photo

A Senior Manager with over 30 years experience in operations, training and human resource management. Malcolm has the belief that coaching is a two-way process in which coach and client focus on enacting positive behaviours and building competencies that achieve desired results. He has coached a number of managers, especially from ethnic minority groups, who have subsequently been promoted.

Malcolm’s fluency in Spanish has enabled him to work effectively over 6 years with the Argentine authorities and John F Kennedy University, Buenos Aires, to establish its Probation Service as an effective alternative to imprisonment. As a result, in 2001 Malcolm was awarded a Visiting Professorship, Faculty of Law at John F Kennedy University, Buenos Aires.

Nathalie van der Plancke

Nathalie van der Plancke

Nathalie  has more than 15 years experience in Human Resources Management.  What drives Nathalie in her professional life, is her passion and engagement to help people develop  their potential and talent. Taking into account the organisation the person is working for, the (professional & personal) challenges he/she faces, and his/her own aspirations & personal values, she helps people to gain better understanding on how to align  all those components and develop their potential.

Nathalie has conducted and facilitated several Leadership Development Programmes and Competencies Assessment Centres for a wide range of companies, she was also involved in many 360° individual feed-back and coaching sessions, on executive and senior executive levels.

Michel Zellien

Michel Zellien

Michel draws on a wide-ranging professional background encompassing 25 years in sales and marketing at national and international level, chiefly in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry. He looks at products and services through the customers’ eyes and has learnt to attune myself to the needs of both internal and external clients, to my audience as a speaker, to other employees as a manager or coach, and to the members of the professional association as president of that body.

During his career Michel has seen, at first hand, how leadership and internal and external communication impacts on motivation in organisations and on the results these organisations achieve. On the basis of this experience, he decided to focus on this area and enjoys supporting and assisting people in their development, which is now his passion, inspiration and motivation.

Natja De Ridder

Natja de ridder

With over 20 years experience, Natja says that the work experiences she cherishes most are those in which a common purpose, a “walk-the-talk” culture, collaboration and co-creation were apparent.

Natja specialises in working on the human dimension and dynamic processes that make an organisation “great to work for”. She has worked for several clients in the area of leadership, collaboration and co-creation. Natja is a Practice Leader in Leadership and Talent Management, responsible for developing and facilitating leadership development programmes, talent management programmes and assessment centres at an executive and senior executive level.

Barbara Rock

Barbara Rock

Barbara has been an independent coach and consultant for the last 16 years. She has a broad range of experience including telecommunications, IT business, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, banking, service industry and governmental and European institutions.

Barbara has a significant and unique experience in sales, design and leadership development, as well as facilitation of training solutions for major global players. She is also a much appreciated executive coach.

She designs programmes based on experiential learning and application in real business life. Her main areas of work are leadership, sales, sales management, customer experience and personal development training.

Jane Palmer

Jane Palmer FEB 2014

Jane has over fifteen years’ experience as a consultant, facilitator and coach specialising in the fields of leadership, change management and communication.  Clients range from a broad range of industries with a focus on the service sector, including retail, pharmaceuticals, financial services, professional services and telecommunications.  Her work in leadership development focuses on classroom facilitation and one to one coaching.  Covering topics such as performance management, performance conversations, feedback, motivation, influence, coaching skills and emotional intelligence she is experienced in delivering programmes where the emphasis is on developing self awareness, skill improvement and action planning.  Jane is a qualified executive coach, having completed the Academy of Executive Coaching’s Diploma in Executive Coaching programme.

Ian Hotz


Ian’s career in capacity building and developing people spans over twelve years. During this exciting journey Ian has led various change management and training initiatives in a number of African countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, DRC, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Zambia.

He has worked extensively on corporate and development sector change management, capacity development and training projects as well as team development and team integration solutions for clients in the Financial Services, Mobile Telecommunications, Telecoms Engineering and IT sectors in East and West Africa. He also consults on an ongoing basis for certain banks and telecoms corporations as well as various agencies and missions within the UN Nairobi Office.

Ian’s facilitation style is energized and engaging as he draws participants into discussions and utilizes cutting edge content and dynamic communication and training tools to maximize learning.As a trainer and speaker, Ian strikes a rich balance between motivating and inspiring participants whilst effectively stimulating them to adopt and learn new ways of thinking, managing and communicating. Well respected for bringing structure and focus into the training environment, Ian is always keen to bring a healthy dose of humor into the training room, participants are guaranteed that they will get to laugh whilst they learn.

Ian graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and an LLB from University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa and was admitted as an attorney in South Africa before following his passion for learning and development. He also holds a trainer certification from Dale Carnegie U.S.